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I promise I’m gonna have this.

I promise I’m gonna have this.

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World of Color… Soooo gorgeous. And amazing.

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My best friends and I went to Disneyland: Andie, Katie, and me. We were modern Disney princesses :) Aurora, Belle, and Jasmine, respectively. Can’t wait to go back!  So freaking happy.

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So much worse than a Snuggie!!


WHY? Just WHY?

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My agency, Supercool Creative, was recently chosen for iMedia’s Top 25 West Coast Agencies to Watch!  The iMedia 25 agency list recognizes the accomplishments of key agencies that have advanced interactive marketing through big ideas, brilliant creative, cutting-edge technology, and the passionate pursuit of excellence in the digital space. Collectively, these are some of the agencies that move, shape, and lead digital.

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The Glee Project: Tenacity

If any of you follow The Glee Project, I was pretty disappointed that Marissa was cut.  She was my favorite person on the show!  And she was very easy to relate to.  Anyway, now that she’s gone, I think my vote goes to…  Damian or Samuel.  Although, I think I really only like Damian for his accent, and I really only like Samuel because of his duet with Marissa (who is now gone).  So yeah!  They pretty much killed off the only person I felt strongly about.

Here’s to next week.  Should be interesting.

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Nowadays, when you meet someone, it’s not enough to get their phone number; you have to get their Facebook too.

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